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16 November 2015 //

software and dataOneMarketData is a company well known for their global solutions at Goldman Sachs. This company was founded by Leonid Frants in the year 2005. Leonard Frants acquired his Ph.D., and has spent time for more than 15 years building financial enterprise data management systems for arbitrage, statistical, program trading and algorithmic trading at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Being a part of the global solution, Dr. Frants built a complete tick data solution which links almost all the historical corporate actions, risk models, symbol changes, closing price and many other analytical market facts, which act as a unified source to help the quantitative needs of a huge financial organization.

Today, OneMarketData is in that position where it is capable of delivering data management system to the leaders of the industry. They mainly focus on delivering good quality solution that are not only easy to use but also are cost effective. They also empower users to analyze data efficiently and also in building queries.

Some of the products of OneMarketData are –

  • OneTick Time-Series Tick Database:

This is a leading enterprise-wide solution for any tick data collection, research and management. It is well known for capturing, compressing, archiving and providing uniform access to global historical data. This database has no limitations to data volumes, length of the stored history, peak rates. The users of this database have many advantages such as –

  • Admission to one combined database for tick retrieval, capture and archive
  • Link directly to prominent market data vendors via standard APIs
  • Make use of analytics for quick data analysis
  • Decrease total cost of tenure by eliminating application and integration costs
  • Reduce costs by using an integrated data management system
  • Work with data experts that know your business.


  • OneTick Event Stream Processing:

OneTick is known to provide a huge collection of functions which are built-in and are referred to as Event Processors (EPs). These EPs are semantically gathered as query models with the help of OneTick visual design tool. These EPs can also be linked in series or in parallel on graphs as nodes. Thus, these functions of time series allows the tick streams starting from any storage sources of OneTick to be reduced, filtered and also enriched. These query models are very helpful as they cover a wide range of cases for optimization of quantitative analysis and trading decisions such as

  • Quantitative Research
  • Algorithmic, low-touch and program trading
  • Monitoring of profit / loss
  • Cost analysis of real-time transactions
  • Statistical arbitrage and market making
  • Regulatory compliance and surveillance.


  • OneTick Cloud:

OneTick Cloud offers access to more than 200 sources of global exchange which is managed by the OneTick software. It enables easy and quick access to any sophisticated query and filters. It also eliminates the necessity for local data administration. OneTick is available on the Internet with CSV or JSON formatted extracts. As mentioned earlier, this eliminates the need of local data running, making OneTick Cloud cost effective as well.




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