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05 June 2014 //

BusinessRegarded for his exceptional entrepreneurial skills, Robert Duggan is indeed a master in his craft. Throughout his career, he was able to excel in more ways than one, which makes him a man truly worthy of emulation. With his successful endeavors in a number of fields, it is not surprising that he has become one of the most admired men in this world today.

Early Beginnings

Robert W. Duggan began his career as an investor in the company “Sunset Designs”. It was during his time in this company that he was able to produce various embroidery sets for children. These products were called Jiffy Stichery, and they were unlike any other available in the market at that time.

The best part about these kits is that they come with simple and straightforward how-to instructions, as they were designed for children’s use. Moreover, it appealed to the target market not only because of the simple instructions, but also due to the remarkable designs and colors of this product. In fact, Jiffy Stichery became a massive success that Duggan was able to sell this product in more than 7,000 retail stores, which helped him get the best returns on his investment.

Rising to the Top

With the enormous success of his product, he decided to invest 50 percent of the total venture capital. He also served as one of the reputable members of the company’s Board of Directors, and he offered brilliant strategic advice to further enhance the growth of Sunset Designs. Thus, the company continued to make it big time in the market, and it gained more than 80 percent of market share. Although Sunset Designs was soon sold to Reckitt and Benckiser in the 1980s, the company earned a high profit of $15 million – quite a hefty gain considering that its original investment was only $100,000.

Expanding His Horizon

Duggan decided to pursue another business endeavor alongside his investments in Sunset Designs. This time, he focused on growing his other investment called Paradise Bakery. The company started its reach in the United States in 1976, where it was regarded as one of the pioneers in top-quality baked cookies in the country.

Soon, the McDonalds cookies were introduced to the market, and Duggan was the man behind this brilliant concept. As he gathered his resources and some people to this new project, he was able to create a fine idea of having this fresh baked product by the brand. Eventually, this product became accessible to all parts of the country including Disney World, Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds.

In 1987, Chart House Inc. bought the company, and it is presently owned by another top-rated brand called Panera Bread.

Concern for the Greater Good

With his great success in every business venture that he participated in, Duggan has remained down-to-earth and more concerned about giving back by performing philanthropic acts. He always believed that by creating useful products, he is able to contribute for the greater good not only in his community but also in other parts of the world.

As for his personal life, Duggan and his wife decided to extend their unconditional love and care by becoming responsible parents to their six adopted children. The couple devotes their time and resources to their family, which serves as their source of inspiration.



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