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31 July 2015 //

custom metal fabricationMetal fabrication is a process that involves the bending, cutting and assembly of metal structures. Cutting involves shearing, chiselling and sawing of metal which is done either manually or electronically. Devices like oxy-fuel or plasma torches may be used. More advanced devices that can be used include laser cutters, mill bits, torches and water jets.

Bending too can be done either manually or through electrical devices. Manually, bending can be done by using hammers or press brakes, which are electrical devices. These days CNC technology is also used for controlling press brakes. Joining metal pieces or assembling is done by riveting, welding or by using adhesives, or even adhesives. Joining too can be done manually or through automatic processes.

Some of the common types of metal work include casting, forging, metal stamping and machining. However, these processes do not come under the art of fabrication. There are many metal fabrication shops all over. These places are very professional and they work with small and heavy or large components. There are experts who provide great services and who are well acquainted with a number of metals and other raw materials including how to work with each type.

Some of the customised metal fabrications cover assemblies that are rather complex, metallurgy for music equipment, fuel tanks, different kinds of shelves, fixtures and many more things. A general metal fabrication agency will deal with basic machining such as turning, milling, notching, rolling, welding, and punching. This also includes bending, drilling, cutting, forming, assembly and other things.

Metal fabrication is also known as a value added process as additional value is added at each stage of the production. Shops that deal with metal fabrication are known as fab shops. They deal with the welding and forming of metal. Fab shops follow certain standards like ISO, ASTM etc. These shops work under contract basis. Once they have been issued a contract, the metal fabricators begin the work by planning out what to do, ordering raw materials and developing ma manufacture program. Usually CNC machines are used. There are plenty of places in New Jersey that deal with New Jersey custom metal fabrication.

The metals that they commonly deal with are brass, aluminium, bronze, cast iron, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, copper, stainless steel, tubing and plastics. Most shops will provide you with services that are quite quick. Depending on your needs and requirements, there can be same-day deliveries, or rush services that are available. Other secondary services that most places offer include galvanizing, painting and Blanchard grinding.

Specialised and custom fabrication is possible in one or more of the following areas –

  • Dealing with tanks
  • Cylinder
  • Conveyors and conveyor belts
  • Elbows and channels for fittings
  • Buckets
  • Angle chips
  • Various metal equipment for material handling
  • Some of the light fabrication services include building products, metallurgy for doors, drawers, sheet metal parts, panels made out of steel, and light electronic parts.

Some of the industries that metal fabrication services cater to are food, heavy vehicles, trucks and transportation, automotives, electronic industries, alternative fuel, heating equipment, switch gears military and institutional industries.



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