Choosing the Best 7 Seater Cars for Your Family

19 September 2014 //

7seatSUVSeven seater cars gained popularity over the years due to the travel comfort they offer to passengers, regardless of the fact that more from the normal five people are actually inside the vehicle. People’s understanding of its practical use has increased as well along with the rise of models available in the market. Choosing the best 7 seater cars for your family could be a daunting task, but this article will give you some tips so you can make the best use of your money.

Although they are not the conventional everyday cars, the practicality of seven seaters has a proven track record. Large families are able to sit comfortably inside the vehicle. Even grandma and grandpa will not contest how travelling is a lot better inside a seven seater. One may not be a family person, but seven seaters come in handy as well for bringing a load of luggage. Going on road trips without having to compromise, bringing essentials is now possible.

A seven seater is a good deal for big families. While it is true that they cost more, owning one in the USA is a wise investment. Instead of having two cars, parents can now get a bigger car to share with the whole family. They may be purchased at affordable prices as well (see comparision table at, and the cars being too tax costly is not always the case. Here are some things to consider in picking a seven seater type in the market to purchase:


Most likely, you are considering of getting a seven seater because you wish to make your family comfortable during long drives. Since this is the case, it is best to ensure that the seats are ergonomically designed for long seatings. Make sure the air conditioner vent placement sufficiently supplies, even the farthest areas of the vehicle with the much needed cooling, and that there is ample space for your family to get settled in.


Estimate if the trunk size is more than able to accommodate the heap of things you usually take with you when you go on long trips.


This is often overlooked as people have the notion that an SUV with seven seats has a powerful engine and is easy to maneuver. Like drivers, each car is different. To best asses if the car will work for you, test drive it. Feel the ease the car may be controlled. If something feels off or amiss, try a different one.


Factors like features and manufacturers play their parts in the car’s price. Make sure to have a budget range ready before heading out, so you are guided on what cars to look for. Consider why a car will work best for you, and assess what their difference is from the others.

Overall, newer units are more modern-looking and are most likely better in performance and functionality. Some models have a secret seat added. Others’ seats were intended for kids’ use as they do not have enough leg room for adults to comfortably lounge on for a stretch of hours. The selection available in the market is wide. All of you need to make sure the best size and combination of features at a reasonable price.



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