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Car Service Options in Cyprus

26 April 2016 //

The maintenance of a car is a tougher job than buying one. In Cyprus, Genetechnic Automotive Centre is one name on which people rely. People seek their advice to keep their cars in good condition. Having a lot of experience in this car industry, the qualified staffs of this center provides solutions to all maintenance problems your car might face. Their competitive pricing strategy has made it very popular in Cyprus, making it one of the best in the country. This automotive centre is known for the quality of services they provide. One would have never heard about this centre giving fake diagnosis of the problem, thereby saving the customers money.
Car Service in Cyprus
One of the frequently opted car services is related to DPF removal in Cyprus. DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. It is nothing but a device which is attached to the diesel engine in all modern cars so as to reduce the emissions. The exhaust gas emitted by the engines has minute particles. This equipment is responsible for the removal of these particles from the gases so that they meet the standard limit of emissions all around the world. Understanding the importance of this equipment to safeguard our environment, many countries in Europe have made it compulsory for passenger vehicles and other light weight vehicles with diesel engines.

However, this device has its cons too. If the device doesn’t perform its function of regeneration efficiently, the engine might develop a thick layer of soot which thereby affects the performance as well as the fuel consumption of the engine. If this problem is left unattended, it can cause serious damage to the engine which might prove to be really very expensive.

For the regeneration to take place, the car needs to be driven on an open road at a constant speed for some time. However, cars which have a DPF engine are generally used for short trips mostly in urban areas. This causes a Blocked DPF which might cause serious trouble for the turbochargers and EGR valves causing engine failures. The problem with DPF does not end here. Even if the car is used on open roads at constant speed, the engine might develop an ash residue on it which would have similar outcomes on the engine.

Thus, diesel particulate filter is a very delicate device and should be serviced at regular intervals to avoid such problems. Due to its fragile qualities, it does not even qualify for warranty. Thus, if your DPF indicator is giving you signals of the problems approaching your engine, you should not take these warnings very casually. It might also happen that till you figure out the warning given by the DPF, your engine might have developed that layer of soot. This is where Genetechnic Automotive Centre come into the picture. One should seek their professional advice to get the DPF replaced or removed completely.

One of the best and the cheapest option available are to remove the DPF completely so that it no longer blocks your engine. Everything is reset again and a test drive is done. Less amount of smoke is observed after the DPF is removed. Move over the best part is that this service can be changed that is one can always fit a new DPF again.

Thus, if you are still struggling with your engine it is always better to consult a good reputed car service company in Cyprus and get the needful done as soon as possible, before it is too late to even regret.

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